Increasingly, one of the easiest ways to get Jikes is with your operating system itself -- Jikes is included in the following distributions (listed in no particular order):

Debian - (see also)



OpenBSD - (in Ports and Packages)

NetBSD - (by way of pkgsrc)

OpenDarwin - (in Darwin Ports)

Gentoo - (in portage)


Yellow Dog Linux

Fedora - (in extras)

Jikes is also available in the following developer's Tool Kits:

Apple's Mac OS X Developer Tools


If you know of an additional distribution we're missing here, please let us know.

Most will acquire Jikes as an independent package though, like most open source projects, Jikes is available in both source and precompiled binary forms.

IBM - Developer Works - Open Source Software - Jikes Project : Jikes' Home

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