Jikes Patches Guidelines

The Jikes project welcomes patches, but cannot promise that every patch submitted will be accepted. Patches should be attached to an entry in the patch queue.

Here are some guidelines on submitting a patch. If you make it hard for us to evaluate and incorporate the patch, then it is less likely we will include it; for example, please:

Sample ChangeLog and Patch

This submission from Eric Blake shows the perfect patch submission:

2001-02-30  Eric Blake  <ebb9@email.byu.edu>

	* src/platform.h (operator<<): Add a cast
	to work around broken ostream << const unsigned
	char * with aCC on HP-UX.

Index: src/platform.h
RCS file: /usr/cvs/jikes/jikes/src/platform.h,v
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -u -r1.13 platform.h
--- src/platform.h	2001/02/12 11:09:06	1.13
+++ src/platform.h	2001/03/30 18:15:20
@@ -941,7 +941,15 @@
     Ostream &operator<<(const unsigned char *c)
+        *os << const_cast<unsigned char *> (c);
+# else
+        *os << (unsigned char *) c;
+# endif
         *os << c;
         return *this;

end of patch

Some notes on this: The changelog lines are indented with a single tab, not with spaces. The "ChanegLog:" header was probably inserted by his software, just incase we didn't recognize what the following text was, but since he has followed the format this isn't a problem. The text "end of patch" has been added AFTER the end of the patch because the last line of the patch is empty. That is to say there are three lines following the last inserted line (marked with a + character) in the patch, but the last of those is empty. By adding some piece of text there that doesn't look like the start of a new patch the trailing line will not get lost and the maintainers will not have problems patching this into the tree.

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