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In the beginning

Without the original work of these two men Jikes would not exist.

Name: Philippe Charles
Email: charles@watson.ibm.com
URL: Jikes Project, http://ibm.com/developerworks/opensource
Organization: IBM Research Division
Occupation: Research Staff Member
Location: Hawthorne, NY, USA
Contributions: Co-author original version. Programming.

Name: Dave Shields
Email: shields@watson.ibm.com
URL: Jikes Project, http://ibm.com/developerworks/opensource
Organization: IBM Research Division
Occupation: Research Staff Member
Location: Hawthorne, NY, USA
Contributions: Co-author original version. Strict adherence to whatever needs to be strictly adhered to.

Proof positive of Open Source concept, submitter of patch #1 just hours after the source was posted on alpha works. Vadim latter took over project leadership duties from Dave and assumed the position of Lord of the Builds and Patches.

Name: Vadim Zaliva
Email: lord@crocodile.org
URL: http://www.crocodile.org
Organization: Crocodile Group
Occupation: Programmer
Location: Fremont, CA, USA
Contributions: Jack of all trades. Programming.

The early years

Jikes was one of the first (if not the first) projects to be open sourced by IBM. There was no developerWorks, let alone the Open Source Software zone that now provides our support systems; all that had to be invented, the hard way. This next group of individuals were pulled together by Dave Shields as the Jikes Core Team with an eye towards operating much the same as the Apache Core Team; their mandate was as follows:

Times have changed, this group really has faded into the back ground, in Dave's own words:
The "core team" has evolved into a very low-overhead administrative structure, whose principal function is to approve the nomination of new project leaders.

This is not to say that the contributions made by this team are irrelevant, quite the contrary in fact, they are crucial. The "core team" has now been renamed the Steering Committee, so without further ado, the members of the committee in addition to Dave, Philippe, and Vadim are:

Name: Ken Coar
Email: Ken.Coar@Golux.Com
URL: http://Golux.Com/coar/
Organization: Apache Software Foundation and IBM Corporation
Occupation: Free source and Web server development
Location: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
Contributions: Open-source project support, CVS mirrors, mailing lists. Token lab rat.

Name: Michael Ernst
Email: mernst@cs.washington.edu
URL: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/mernst/
Organization: University of Washington
Occupation: Ph.D. student
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Contributions: Language specification, testing.

Name: Glenn Kasten
Email: gkasten@best.com
URL: http://www.auco.com/
Occupation: Consultant
Location: San Mateo, CA, USA
Contributions: Language specification, testing.

Name: Neil Boyd Martin
Email: neilm@thetestplace.co.uk
URL: http://www.thetestplace.co.uk/
Organization: The Test Place Limited.
Occupation: Scotsman, Director of The Test Place Limited - Java Test Suite Developers
Location: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, U.K.
Comments: Good Days: Java Test Suite Author, Bad Days: ISO 9001 Auditor, Other Days: Programming Language Trainer
Contributions: Language specification, testing.

Name: Roly Perera
Email: roly.perera@dynamicaspects.com
URL: http://www.dynamicaspects.com
Organization: Dynamic Aspects Ltd
Occupation: Director of Research
Location: Bristol, U.K.
Contributions: Language specification issues, testing.

Other Participants

Over time, the project has had a number of additional leaders and contributors:

Project Administration

Name: Mo DeJong
Organization: Red Hat Inc
Occupation: Code Artist
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Comments: I prefer // to /**/
Contributions: autoconf based build subsystem; compatibility with cygwin and mingw as well as cross compilation support; patch manager, final code reviewer and tree owner; lots more than I (Chris) will ever remember.

Name: Chris Abbey
Email: on jikes-dev list
Organization: IBM Corp - not working on jikes officially, only on personal time
Occupation: Advisory Software Engineer, Embedded Linux
Location: Rochester, MN, USA
Comments: java geek, open source bigot, linux advocate, thorn in management's side
Contributions: AIX support & binary, a few patches, some testcases, developerWorks/OpenSourceSoftware Zone support structure liaison.

Project Contributors

Folks who have through their repeated contributions to and outstanding participation in the project have gained the notice of the project administration. (in some semblance of chronology)

Name: C. Scott Ananian
Email: cananian@alumni.princeton.edu
URL: http://lm.lcs.mit.edu/~cananian
Organization: MIT
Occupation: Grad Student
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Contributions: bug fixes, patches, Sparc binaries for Linux and Solaris

Name: Martin York
Email: miyork@bigfoot.com
URL: Stuff
Organization: Archangel
Occupation: Developer
Location: Norway/UK/USA
Comments: Wish I had more time to contribute.
Contributions: Constructive criticism of JikesAPI :-) JikesWarrior, token Macintosh user.

Name: Andriy G. Tereshchenko
Email: jikes@24.odessa.ua
Occupation: Software Engineer
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Contributions: Finding bugs, providing patches, MSVC++ builds

Name: Eric Blake
Organization: Brigham Young University Configurable Computing Lab
Occupation: Student, Research Programmer
Location: Provo, UT, USA
Comments: The best part of open source: If you don't like it, you can fix it yourself!
Contributions: IEEE 754 emulation, lots of Jacks tests

Name: Andrew M. Inggs
email: aminggs@yahoo.co.uk
Organization: Teleca Ltd
Occupation: Software Engineer
Location: Manchester, UK
Contributions: FAQ co-Maintainer

Name: Pascal Davoust
Email: davoustp@yahoo.com
Organization: Genesys
Occupation: Software Engineer Mgr
Location: Brest, FR
Contributions: FAQ co-Maintainer

There are very good odds I've left someone out here. No offense is intended, these things they just happen. This list is not fixed in stone, everyone is welcome to join the project and if they're contributions to the project are as noteworthy as the aforementioned they'll receive an account in the dW/OSS system and listing herein.

Special Thanks

Name: Peter Bertelsen
Email: pmb@dina.kvl.dk
Organization: Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
Occupation: Ph.D. student
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Contributions: JVM specification issues, assistance interpreting the Java Language Specification, testing.

Jennifer Shields, for her design of the Jikes "Handshake" Masthead.

Lou Grinzo, for permission to adapt some material from an article he wrote for an article about Jikes, for use in the "What is Jikes" section of jikes.html and the project homepage.

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