Early in the life of Jikes, there took place an extended and excellent discussion between Dave and Philippe at IBM Research and a variety of folks in Sun's Javasoft group, as well as a number of the early jikes community members. These conversations covered a variety of Language Specification topics, and generally helped to establish Jikes' direction of strict standard compliance. These conversations, collectively known as "Jikes' Queries to Sun" and were archived in a domino database, which was published to the web and forgotten. Recently this database was rediscovered when it miserably failed an accessibility audit... it has therefore been removed from ibm.com production web servers.

I would very much like to present it here for general consumption, however the automatic html-ification performed on the database does a wonderfull job of destroying it's accessibility. (I was in reality, NOT surprised to hear that it failed an audit, a large number of the 'pages' were not reachable from the web. It needs to be manually massaged into a decent format. (I've actually had this on the list of things I'd like to see someone volunteer to do for a VERY long time, due to the hideous nature of the previous access methodology.)

Any volunteers?

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