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Jikes on AIX

Source control

No specific tuning. See the Source control section for the general guidelines for setting it up.


Compile chain

The GNU compile chain for AIX is special...

Needed: why is it so special? Any general directions to put here?

Install or check the compile chain:
make ??.?? (http://www.gnu.org/software/make/make.html)

The "official" AIX binaries are produced using the xlC compiler obtained from the VACPP v5 product. Note that Jikes may well compile in v4, but many people refuse to deal with the GUI front end to the compiler: just drop us a note if you find it doesn't work, so we can mention it here. Note that Jikes will not compile with the older v3.6 xlC, as it is way too old to support all the new fangled C++ structures used in Jikes.

Official AIX build command line

The following command line is used to build the official Jikes release on the AIX platform.

./configure CXX=/usr/vacpp/bin/xlC \
CXXFLAGS="-qlanglvl=ansi -qnotempinc -+ -qinlglue"


Building Jikes with gcc

Jikes will normally compile using the GNU gcc compiler. However, the generated binary is known to be slow, big and not reliable. It's therefore not recommended to use it, at least in production environments. If you're using such a generated binary and you find some issue, please try it against an official AIX build before reporting a bug, in case the problem comes from the way your Jikes was generated.


Encoding support

Iconv (encoding library used by Jikes) is installed on AIX by default so you should get full system -encoding support without effort.


Testing with Jacks

Nothing special, but make sure you using the right version of tcl (8.3)

However, it is best to NOT run jacks from within an ATK Typescript: tcl does something which causes the typescript to loose it's child process. This problem is not Jacks-specific.